Daytime Session, you will see amateur couples and pro/am (teacher/student)
couples dancing.  This will be done in two categories:

Solos - Couples will dance a choreographed routine to music they specifically picked
out.  The couple will be on the dance floor by themselves.  This is an opportunity to
show their individuality as well as creativity.  They will have the option to receive a
written critique by a professional.   
Freestyle - This is an opportunity for couples to be out on the floor with other
couples.  Although they will know what the dance will be, they won't know what music
will be played.

Evening Session will start off with an elegant dinner (highly recommended, the
food is excellent).  It will be followed by some general dancing.  And then get ready for
the big show.  This will be an opportunity to see why Wisconsin is known for it's
outstanding amateur and professional dancers.

Please come and share our passion of dance!!!

Welcome to Autumn Elegance website!

Although elegance is a good word for Ingleside Hotel grand ballroom,
our main goal is to have a warm, fun and friendly place to enjoy and
celebrate the art of ballroom and latin dancing.  Whether you come for
the daytime, evening or all day, there will be an excellent variety of
show dancing.